Therapeutic Storywriting Supports Pupils’ Emotional Wellbeing

What if we could develop the confidence in children and young people to talk about, and understand, any troubling emotions that are holding them back? Therapeutic Storywriting aims to do just that and schools in more than 23 Local Authorities in the UK are using the programme with great success.

Therapeutic Storywriting  works with the metaphor in stories written by pupils themselves to address the emotional issues that are getting in the way of children’s learning. The stories they write allow children to project their feelings onto the characters they are writing about. This enables them to explore difficult feelings without getting overwhelmed.

Research shows that Therapeutic Storywriting Groups improves pupils’ literacy skills as well as their emotional wellbeing. This video looks at a group of schools in Tottenham who are delivering the intervention, following training delivered the Centre for Therapeutic Storywriting.